northern realms studıos

Northern Realms is a game developing studio under Wardson Softworks. Studio started out it's life as flash game developer. As for learning purposes, studio developed two flash games called "Nightmares Recycled" and "Battle Of X-Tanks". In 2017 Summer, director Pala announced a new game mod called "Legend Of V Dragons: Dragon Tribunal" as a mod of another indie game "Legend Of Grimrock II". At the end of 2017 and early 2018 the mod was developed and was announced to make a release about Summer 2018. However, due to publising troubles, the mod wasn't published. Later in Summer 2018, Wardson AKA Ömer Pala announced a whole new sci-fi video game series called "Messengers" and it's first game "Transmissions" which is to take roughly 7 years of development. Pala indicated that they were still learning how to develop better and to be perfect at game development. He stated that Messengers series isn't going to be just a game, but a tool for the society. He and his team (currently 3 people) is working on plot of the game, which is to take roughly 2 years. Wardson wants to establish Northern Realms Studios in his hometown near future  and become a noticeable studio and also wants to learn much more about gaming industry. Pala also created a new strategy card game called "Worlds Collide" where the player picks "Narnia, Harry Potter and LOTR" as a house and battles the enemies. The game will debut at GIST 2019 thanks to support of Indie Developers from the people working at GIST!